What to Do When You Realize That your car and house Keys Are Lost or Stolen

There are cases when you find yourself locked out of your car because of lost or stolen keys. When this happens, you must maintain your calm and look for a solution that can remedy the situation. This article looks at some of the basic things you can do as suggested by the experts at Locksmith Melbourne which can help you solve the problem.

Things may become complicated if the bunch of keys lost contained both car keys as well as the keys to your house. This can make you vulnerable but you must find a way out of this predicament as fast as possible.

professional locksmithWhen this happens, the first thing you ought to do is to call a police hotline, file a report and give them as much details as possible. If you have a suspect, it will make the work of the police easier. Once they apprehend him/her, they may be able to retrieve the keys for you. However, you must allow the police to carry out their investigation as they look for ways of helping you.

Checking with the car insurance company may be helpful. You should also talk to your car dealers and see if they can have the key replaced to reduce the inconveniences caused. The insurance company may cater for the cost of having the keys replaced. Note that it is not automatic that the cover you have includes the cost of replacing the car key. You must contact them and confirm what they may be able to do.

If your car is a new model, you may not have to replace the car keys; you can have the keys reprogrammed. Unfortunately, if your car is an old model, reprogramming the keys will not be part of the solution. You will be forced to change the locks or the ignition system.

If you have lost your keys or if they have been stolen, changing the locks is a must. It guarantees the safety of your house. Alternatively, you may call a locksmith so that he rekeys the old locks and render the stolen keys useless. If you are a home owner, things are even better because you can decide to choose the cheapest method. If you are using heavy duty locks, rekeying them is the cheapest option you have.

In conclusion, it is advisable that you change the locks or have them repaired as soon as you realize that your keys are lost or stolen. This will prevent the thief from accessing and your property and stealing your valuable.

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